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An Introduction To Pocket Spring Mattress & Its Many Health Benefits

Pocket spring mattress

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Sleep is a significant contributor to human health. It helps in repairing our bodies and makes us feel more alert, energetic, and happier during the day. Getting a consistent amount of undisturbed and quality sleep need not be a far-fetched dream with a Pocket Spring Mattress from sleep expert brands like WakeUp. Read on to know how you can add a spring to your step during the day by investing in a pocket spring mattress for the night.

An Introduction to Pocket Spring Mattress

A pocket spring mattress consists of individual springs that are enclosed in their own fabric pocket. Operating independently from other pocketed springs, each spring responds only if pressure is applied to that area. Owing to this technique, a pocket spring mattress is unique in offering bespoke support and response to multiple mattress users in the same household. Unlike the open coil spring mattress, the pocket spring does not transfer movement to other parts of the mattress as they do not work as a whole unit. But instead, respond to the pressure applied by the sleeper.

Pocket Spring Mattress Benefits In Your Life

Popularly chosen as a 5 star hotel mattress, a pocket spring mattress offers luxury, comfort, and bespoke support for any sleeper from head to toe. Listed below are the top pocket spring mattress benefits that can bring about a change in your sleep quality:

Zero Motion transfer

Do you share your bed with a pet, partner, or child? You would have surely experienced motion transfer that has possibly resulted in disturbed sleep. Motion transfer occurs when you feel the movements or pressure applied by the other sleeper on the mattress, while sharing a bed.

Thankfully, with a pocket spring mattress, you get to enjoy lesser or close to zero motion transfer with its individual pocket spring technology that moves independently when pressure is applied. So even if your partner elbowed into bed or your child tosses and turns to find a comfortable sleep position, you can still enjoy a deep and undisturbed slumber without being nudged by their movement.

Excellent Lumbar Support

One of the best advantages of pocket spring mattress is that it offers bespoke lumbar support by contouring to the natural S-shape of the spine. The main benefits of pocket spring mattress is the individual pocket springs react independently to the pressure points of your body as you lay on the mattress offering bespoke support in keeping the spine aligned. This helps alleviate any aches and pains in the body and allows for a restful night’s sleep.

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Suitable for any Sleep Position

Being suitable for any sleep position is one of the most loved advantages of pocket spring mattress by couples and families that co-sleep with children or pets. With multiple members having different sleep position comfort levels, a pocket spring mattress absorbs all muscle tensions while keeping the spine aligned.

Whether you are a stomach, side, or back sleeper, a pocket spring mattress can be your best friend with the firm and steady support it offers. Feel free to switch between positions in your sleep and get the same amount of support- without having to adjust your mattress physically. The pocket springs synchronise with your movement to ensure there’s enough cushioning to hold your hips, shoulders and back.

Regulates Sleep Temperature

There’s nothing more annoying than a stuffy and hot room that disturbs your sleep. Top it up with a mattress that does not support the body core temperature’s natural dip in the evenings. You are bound to have a disastrous sleep searching for the most comfortable position and cooling temperature.

With a pocket spring mattress, be assured that it doesn’t retain your body heat and is ideal for maintaining sleep temperature. Brands like WakeUp have hybrid models of a pocket spring mattress layered with memory foam. This 5 star hotel mattress combination allows airflow across the mattress and helps in controlling heat effectively.  In fact, this combination transfers heat 30% better than traditional foam making it the most beloved choice for people who love their cozy sleep!

Fits all Sizes

The firmness of your mattress matters a lot when it comes to a 5 star hotel mattress kind of sleep. Regardless of your weight, your mattress should be able to support your entire body while maintaining the same firmness throughout your sleep hours. A pocket spring mattress offers a beautiful marriage of responsiveness and support through the individual pocket springs that ensure optimal body comfort, no matter what your weight or size without sagging into the mattress.

Pocket Spring Mattress Buying Guide

While plonking yourself on a mattress physically to check firmness and comfort levels can help in purchasing a 5 star hotel mattress for your home, it certainly isn’t sufficient. Here are a few points listed to keep as a mattress buying guide when you go shopping- online or offline.

Pick the right size

Mattress spring types that doesn’t tuck in comfortably in your bed frame can spell disaster. The constant ill-fitting movement of the mattress as you move in and out of bed can cause aches and pains owing to lack of sturdy support. So the first step in a mattress buying guide is to size up your bed correctly so you pick the right mattress size. If you can’t find it in a retail store, opt for sleep expert brands like WakeUp that can customize your mattress of choice.

Check cover material

You probably wouldn’t consider this as a priority in a mattress buying guide, but the cover material of a mattress is very important. After all, despite a bedsheet covering a mattress, your body will still come in contact with the cover material. Pay attention to pick a high GSM spun knitted fabric with premium quality quilted foam top that’ll enhance your sleep experience while cushioning the springs neatly.

Free Trials

Buying mattress spring types is a long term investment decision. You want to get it right, considering it’s expensive and long term. When searching for your 5 star hotel mattress, look for brands that are willing to give you free trial periods to use the mattress at the comfort of your own home and see how you feel. WakeUp offers a 100 nights free trial for you and your beloved family members to check the quality of sleep on the mattress.

Research Online

One of the best tips when it comes to a mattress buying guide is to research your mattress and its brand online. Most customers leave feedback on the mattress spring types online giving you a great idea of the mattress’s durability, comfort, use, and quality. In addition, read up on the FAQ’s on mattress brands online to get all your questions answered.

A good mattress can leave you energized for the day with the ample rest received at night. Make sure to invest in one that you look forward to rest in at the end of the day!

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