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Discover the secret to deep, restful sleep! Experience unparalleled comfort and support with our revolutionary mattress. Wakeup refresh and ready to beat the day!

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Buy Wakeup Mattress Online in India

Welcome to Wakeup India, your destination for finding the perfect mattress that will transform your sleep experience. We understand the significance of a restful night's sleep in maintaining your overall well-being, which is why we provide an extensive selection of mattresses made from durable Sheesham wood

Why Buy Online Mattress from Wakeup:

1. 100+ Days Trial: Enjoy the peace of mind with a generous trial period, allowing you to test the mattress in the comfort of your home.

2. 10+ Years Warranty: Rest assured knowing your investment is protected with a lengthy warranty for long-term satisfaction.

3. Coil Gel Technology: Experience ultimate comfort and support with innovative coil gel technology designed for optimal sleep.

4. Fast Delivery: Get your new mattress delivered to your doorstep quickly, ensuring you can start enjoying better sleep sooner.

5. Quality Tested: Each mattress undergoes rigorous quality testing to meet the highest standards of comfort and durability.

6. Customizable Options: Tailor your mattress to your preferences with customizable features to suit your unique sleep needs.

7. Premium Raw Materials: Crafted using premium raw materials for superior quality and lasting performance.

8. COD and EMI Options: Choose from convenient payment options like Cash on Delivery (COD) or EMI for added flexibility.

9. Support and Firmness: Assess the level of support and firmness offered by the mattress, which should align with your sleeping position and preferences. Whether you prefer a soft, medium, or firm mattress, ensure it provides adequate support to maintain proper spinal alignment and minimise pressure points.

10 Motion Isolation: If you share the bed with a partner, consider a mattress with excellent motion isolation properties to minimise disturbances from movement during the night. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses typically excel in isolating motion for undisturbed sleep.

11. Temperature Regulation: Choose a mattress with breathable materials and advanced cooling technologies to promote airflow and regulate body temperature throughout the night. Look for features such as gel-infused memory foam or breathable mattress covers for enhanced temperature regulation.

12. Edge Support: Evaluate the edge support of the mattress, especially if you tend to sit or sleep near the mattress's perimeter. A mattress with reinforced edges provides stability and prevents sagging, allowing you to utilise the full surface area of the bed.

Exploring the 4 Most Demanding Mattresses in India:

1. Foam Mattress: Offers excellent contouring and pressure relief, ideal for those who prefer a plush feel and motion isolation.

Here is the top foam mattress we have:

  1. Imperious Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress In White ( Most Buying Product)
  2. Esyrest Dual Comfort Knitted Fabric With Quilted Foam and Hr Foam Mattress
  3. Velvet Bonded Foam Mattress


2. Spring Mattress: Provides responsive support and airflow, suitable for those seeking traditional bounce and firmness levels.

Two Types of Spring Mattress:
  1. Riserox Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress In White
  2. Dreamsway Pocket Spring, Quilting Foam Mattress White and Navy Blue

3. Luxury Mattress: Indulges in premium materials and advanced features for enhanced comfort and support, perfect for those desiring the utmost luxury.

Type of Luxury Mattress: 
  1. Smart Tech Pillow Top Hybrid Orthopedic Memory Foam
  2. Luxuriate Orthopedic Hybrid Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress

4. Latex Mattress : Delivers natural resilience and breathability, catering to those looking for eco-friendly options and durable, responsive support.

PureLuxe Latex Mattress In Blue and Green

4 Types of Mattress Sizes:

1. Single: Perfect for solo sleepers or kids' rooms, offering compact comfort and space-saving design.

2. Double: Ideal for single adults or guest rooms, striking a balance between space efficiency and roominess.

3. Queen: Provides ample space for couples without overwhelming smaller bedrooms, ensuring a cozy yet spacious sleep experience.

4. King: Offers luxurious space for couples to spread out and sleep soundly, granting unparalleled comfort and freedom.

Discover our top-selling furniture essentials:

1. Bed: Experience comfort and style with our affordable bed options, perfect for a restful night's sleep.

2. Sofa: Transform your living space with our stylish and comfortable sofas, ideal for relaxing and entertaining.

3. Table: Find the perfect centerpiece for your home with our selection of functional and stylish tables.

4. Chair: Elevate your seating experience with our range of chairs, combining comfort and durability.

5. Pillow: Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with our selection of supportive and cozy pillows.

6. Protector: Keep your mattress in top condition with our mattress protectors, offering peace of mind and longevity.

7. TV Unit: Organize your entertainment area with our sleek and modern TV units, designed for convenience and style.

Why should you invest in a good quality mattress in India?

Investing in a good quality mattress is essential for your overall well-being and quality of life. Here are compelling reasons why you should priorities investing in a high-quality mattress:

  1. Enhanced Sleep Quality: A good-quality mattress provides the optimal support and comfort needed for a restful night's sleep. By investing in a mattress that aligns with your body's needs, you can experience deeper and more rejuvenating sleep cycles, leading to improved overall sleep quality.
  2. Better Spinal Alignment: A high-quality mattress promotes proper spinal alignment by contouring to the natural curves of your body. This helps alleviate pressure points and prevents misalignment, reducing the risk of back pain and discomfort.
  3. Alleviation of Aches and Pains: With superior support and cushioning, a quality mattress can help alleviate common aches and pains, such as those in the back, neck, and shoulders. By providing targeted support to pressure points, a good mattress can promote muscle relaxation and alleviate tension.
  4. Increased Energy Levels: Quality sleep is essential for maintaining optimal energy levels and cognitive function throughout the day. By investing in a mattress that promotes deep, uninterrupted sleep, you can wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the day ahead.
  5. Long-Term Durability: High-quality mattresses are built to last, offering long-term durability and performance. Investing in a durable mattress can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent replacements and repairs.
  6. Allergy Prevention: Many high-quality mattresses are made with hypoallergenic materials that resist dust mites, mould, and other allergens. By choosing a mattress that promotes a clean and allergen-free sleep environment, you can reduce the risk of allergic reactions and respiratory issues.
  7. Stress Reduction: Quality sleep is essential for managing stress and promoting overall mental well-being. Investing in a comfortable and supportive mattress can help you relax more easily and achieve a deeper state of sleep, reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation.
Ultimate Guide to Online Mattress Prices in India

If you're in the market for a new mattress, understanding the prices of different types of mattresses can help you make an informed decision. Here's the ultimate guide to online mattress prices at Wakeup India:

  1. Spring Mattresses - Rs.7244: Known for their traditional support and durability, spring mattresses offer a classic sleep experience. With a core support system made of coil springs, these mattresses provide excellent support and comfort for a restful night's sleep.
  2. Memory Foam Mattress - Rs.4911: Memory foam mattresses are designed to contour to your body's shape, providing personalised comfort and pressure relief. These mattresses are ideal for those seeking relief from aches and pains and a supportive sleep surface.
  3. Luxury Mattresses - Rs.12313: Indulge in the ultimate sleep experience with our luxury mattresses. Crafted from premium materials and featuring advanced technologies, these mattresses offer unparalleled comfort, support, and durability for a truly luxurious night's sleep.
  4. Foam Mattresses - Rs.4499: Foam mattresses provide superior comfort and support, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a plush and cushioned sleep surface. Made from high-quality foam materials, these mattresses offer excellent pressure relief and motion isolation.
  5. Bonded Foam Mattress - Rs.6283: Experience the perfect blend of support and comfort with our bonded foam mattresses. Crafted from high-density polyurethane foam, these mattresses offer exceptional durability, support, and resilience for a rejuvenating night's sleep.
How To Choose The Best Mattress Online in India

Choosing the best mattress online is essential for ensuring a comfortable and restful night's sleep. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice:

  1. Consider Your Sleep Preferences: Determine whether you prefer a firm, medium, or plush mattress. Those with back pain may benefit from orthopedic or memory foam mattresses, while others may prefer the contouring comfort of memory foam or the traditional support of spring mattresses.
  2. Assess Your Body Type and Sleeping Position: Different mattresses cater to different body types and sleeping positions. Side sleepers may benefit from the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam, while back or stomach sleepers may prefer the support of a firmer mattress.
  3. Evaluate Support and Comfort: Look for mattresses that provide adequate support for your body and promote proper spinal alignment. Memory foam mattresses contour to your body's shape, while spring mattresses offer traditional support with varying levels of firmness.
  4. Consider Motion Isolation: If you share the bed with a partner, opt for a mattress with good motion isolation properties to minimise disturbances from movement during the night. Memory foam and foam mattresses typically excel in this area.
  5. Check for Temperature Regulation: If you tend to sleep hot, choose a mattress with breathable materials and cooling properties. Memory foam mattresses infused with cooling gel or foam mattresses with open-cell construction are excellent options for temperature regulation.
  6. Look for Durability and Longevity: Invest in a mattress that offers durability and long-term performance. Orthopedic memory foam mattresses and luxury mattresses are often crafted from high-quality materials and feature advanced technologies for enhanced durability.
  7. Read Customer Reviews: Before making a purchase, read reviews from other customers to gauge the mattress's performance, comfort, and durability. Look for testimonials specifically related to your preferred mattress type and brand.
  8. Take Advantage of Trial Periods: Many online mattress retailers offer trial periods, allowing you to test the mattress at home and return it if you're not satisfied. Take advantage of these trial periods to ensure the mattress meets your expectations.
  9. Compare Prices and Features: Finally, compare prices and features across different mattress brands and retailers to find the best value for your budget. Consider factors such as warranty coverage, return policies, and additional perks like free shipping or financing options.

By following these tips and considering your unique sleep needs and preferences, you can choose the best mattress online for a comfortable and rejuvenating night's sleep. Whether you opt for an orthopedic memory foam mattress, a luxury mattress, or a traditional spring mattress, Wakeup India offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. Explore our collection online and experience the difference a quality mattress can make in your sleep quality and overall well-being.

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress?

When purchasing a mattress online, several factors warrant consideration to ensure you find the perfect match for your sleep needs. Here are three key aspects to prioritise:

  1. Mattress by Size: Selecting the right mattress size is crucial for ensuring comfort and adequate space for restful sleep. Consider factors such as the size of your bedroom, the number of sleepers, and individual sleeping preferences. Common mattress sizes include twin, full, queen, king, and California king. Assess your space requirements and sleeping preferences to determine the ideal size for your needs.
  2. Mattress By Material: The choice of mattress material significantly impacts comfort, support, and durability. Common mattress materials include memory foam, latex, innerspring, hybrid, and foam. Each material offers unique benefits, such as contouring comfort, responsive support, and temperature regulation. Evaluate your sleep preferences, such as firmness level, pressure relief, and temperature sensitivity, to select the most suitable mattress material for your needs.
  3. Mattress by Comfort Level/Firmness Balance: Mattress firmness plays a vital role in providing optimal support and comfort for quality sleep. Different individuals prefer varying levels of firmness based on their body type, sleeping position, and personal preference. Mattress firmness is typically categorised on a scale ranging from soft to firm. Consider factors such as your preferred sleeping position, weight distribution, and any existing medical conditions to determine the appropriate firmness level for your comfort needs.


1. What types of mattresses does Wakeup India offer?

   - At Wakeup India, we provide a wide range of mattresses to accommodate diverse needs and personal preferences. Our selection includes spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, latex mattresses, and dual comfort mattresses.

2. What are the benefits of a spring mattress?

   - Spring mattresses from Wakeup India offer optimal support and bounce. The individually wrapped pocket springs respond to your body's movements, providing targeted support, minimal motion transfer, and promoting healthy sleep with proper spine alignment.

3. How can an orthopedic mattress help with backaches and joint pain?

   - Wakeup's orthopedic mattresses are designed with advanced technology to provide extra support and relief from aches and pains. They offer targeted support to different areas of the body, alleviate pressure, and promote proper spinal alignment, leading to a restful sleep experience.

4. What makes memory foam mattresses unique?

   - Wakeup's memory foam mattresses are crafted with high-quality memory foam that moulds to your body shape, relieving pressure points and promoting muscle relaxation. The personalised support and plush comfort of memory foam provide a blissful sleep experience.

5. Why should I consider a latex mattress?

   - Latex mattresses from Wakeup India combine natural materials with outstanding support and durability. Made from the sap of rubber trees, latex mattresses offer resilience, responsive support, and hypoallergenic properties. They are an excellent choice for individuals seeking natural support and protection against allergies.

6. What are dual comfort mattresses?

   - Wakeup's dual comfort mattresses offer the flexibility to customise your sleep experience.  They are ideal for couples with different preferences or individuals who want to experiment with varying levels of support.

7. What materials are Wakeup India mattresses made of?

   - Wake up India mattresses are meticulously crafted with solid Sheesham wood for a durable foundation. They incorporate various high-quality materials such as high-density foams, premium memory foam, natural latex, and individually wrapped pocket springs to ensure superior comfort and support.

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