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How to Choose the Best Mattress Brand According to Sleeping Positions, Body Type, and More

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A healthy mind and body are achieved when you have had a good night’s sleep. Sleep not only rejuvenates your body and mind, but it is a time when you pause yourself from the ruckus world and be yourself. Having that zone every night for 8 hours is mandatory. So, when we talk about sound sleep, the first thing that crosses our minds are the mattresses that we lay on. Choosing the right one is crucial for your body. That’s what we will be dealing with in this article. The best mattress brand that can aid you with your much-needed slumber.

Before you begin your search for the top 10 mattress brands, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The position you Sleep In

The posture you sleep in or lie down in is very important. Even the best mattress brands can fail if you purchase them without determining this. Normally, there are 4 major positions people lie down in. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Side Sleepers

Do you find yourself waking up to the side? Then you are a side sleeper. This position will find you adding that extra pressure on your shoulders and hips. This means your mattress must have extra cushioning to accommodate this posture. Of the top 10 mattress brands, memory foam is said to be perfect for such sleepers. 

Back Sleepers

A softer mattress may not give you enough support if you tend to find yourself on your back. You will need firmer bedding such as hybrid (a combination of foam and spring) or foam can be your choice

Stomach Sleepers

Even though health experts have advised changing this position, some of us find ourselves comfortably dozing off in this posture. If you don’t find the best mattress brand that supports this position, you may find your spine stiff and aching. Go for a firm mattress that can help you battle this problem.

Combination Sleepers

This is when a person keeps twisting and spinning in their sleep, into various other positions. Most of the top 10 mattress brands should help you find comfort even if you are a combination sleeper. The key is to go for a mattress that is not too soft or too firm. Since you tend to move around a lot, keep in mind that the mattress can support these regular shifts.

From the above, you might evaluate yourself, and you would now know what type of sleeper you are. Bearing that in mind, the next factor one needs to assess is our body type. All top-brand mattresses can support most body types, let us gauge the different body types.

Low body weight

The best mattress brands would recommend a soft to mid-firm mattress to assist no matter what position you sleep in. A firm mattress may not suit your type, as it can lead to pain and pressure on your neck if you are a side sleeper.

High Body weight

A hybrid or a firm mattress is your best buy. Because of your body density, you will need stronger support from the mattress. If you choose to go for a mattress with foam, then buy one that is higher than 12 inches. Anything less than good mattress brands would only sink you into the bed.

Tall People

If you are 6 feet or taller than that, then the size of the mattress comes into play. A good number of mattresses usually accommodate a tall person. But any mattress below queen size is not for you. Trust us, you wouldn’t want your legs bulging out of the frame.


This is a concern as you grow. If you find yourself getting discomfort, then it would be time for you to switch to a bigger bed frame.

Bearing all this in mind, let us now look for the best mattress brand that accommodates the sleeper in you. A good mattress brand should not only give you a comfortable sleep but also go easy on your pockets while not compromising on the preferences you want. So how do know we have landed on the best mattress brand? Here are the steps to follow.

Relieves Aches & Stiffness

Best mattress brand can rid you of those annoying pain and stiffness. It is time for you to go mattress shopping if you constantly wake up with aches and stiffness. It is no doubt that as you age, you will tend to have constant aches in your body. Hence, if you suffer from aches in your back, then firm mattresses are your relief. Or if you have a sore muscle or stiffness on your hips and shoulders, then a mid-firm mattress should be your choice.

  • Cost: Cost is always an underlying factor when you want to buy anything, not just a mattress. Top 10 mattress brands don’t come cheap. When you key in the words, best online bed mattress, you will find a list of all the best mattress brands with the cost reflected in front of you. Don’t be shocked to see the price varying from one brand to another, these are based on the below factors.
  • Brand: The label or the company that created the mattress. Popular brands are typically expensive.
  • Type: All mattresses come in 3 different types. Foam, coil/spring and hybrid (combination of spring and foam)
  • Materials: Construction equipment, even for mattresses, doesn’t come cheap. A good quality material can be quite expensive.

Mattress Sizes: As we mentioned above, there are different best online bed mattress sizes that you can find in a bed. These are:

  • King Size measured 76×80 inches
  • Queen Size measured 60×80 inches
  • Double cot measured 53×75 inches
  • Single cot measured 35×74 inches

Apart from these, some companies may refer to certain sizes as Twin, Twin XL, Full length etc., each having its own dimensions.

Firmness: The right feel of even the best mattress brand is very important for a sound slumber. You do not want a rigid bed or one that is too soft that will swallow you when you lie down. The trick is to find a balance, and how do we do that? Try them. Go to a store and lay and sit on the mattresses and just feel them.

Support: A good frame will support even the best-branded mattress. If you are used to a spring or coil mattress, you can resonate to what we are saying. Won’t you agree if we say that a mattress embedded with squeaky or bouncy coils can be irritating? Every time you move or sit, it is going to be very uncomfortable, especially if you are a combination sleeper.

Height of a mattress: Short people can find it very difficult and intimidating to get on a tall mattress. When we say “tall,” we mean any size above 14 inches. Standard sizes offered by the top 10 mattress brands are normally between 9 and 10 inches. So, consider the height of the bed frame too before deciding on the mattress height.

Motion Restriction: If you are a couple and you sleep together, then the best online bed mattress is something to consider. We now know that combination sleepers tend to move about a lot, this constant movement should not disrupt the sleep of your partner. Ensure that your mattress can restrict motion. It is believed that foam mattresses are best for arresting these motions and giving both of you a sound, undisturbed sleep.

Temperature: When you shop for the best mattress brands, ensure that these mattresses can give you a well comfortable temperature. You don’t want to wake up sweaty or find yourself too cold when you hit the bed after a long day. You have fabrics that can cause an effect of cooling in your mattress or get foam mattresses that are airy.

Materials Used: Synthetic materials are sure to emit heat. Go for materials that are natural, like cotton, natural fiber, natural latex, natural foam, etc. Chemically manufactured products may not suit your skin, leaving you with rashes and itchiness, if you have sensitive skin. When it comes to natural materials, top branded mattress companies are required to follow a set of criteria, which are usually mentioned on the bed.

Miscellaneous Factors: The above are points taken into consideration when shopping for the best bed mattress, be it online or offline. When one shops for anything, even a mattress, we do not want any hassles, we want smooth shopping. Here are other factors that would come in handy when you make that big purchase.

  • Free shipping: Well, we know that best-brand mattresses take a lot of volume and getting them home is not easy. And for the money you put in, won’t it be a good deal if the shop delivers the bed free of cost for you?
  • Returns: After a lot of contemplation, you have decided what kind of mattress best suits you and you went ahead with the purchase. You notice there is a defect in the bed when it was delivered to you, in such situations, it is best to have a return and damage policy so that you get replaced with a fresh one without additional cost.
  • Warranty: Best mattress brand comes with a 10yr warranty. The catch is that warranty may not cover everything, throwing caution to the wind, read them thoroughly before you purchase.

In Conclusion:

By the end of this article, we are certain that you are well aware of how to go about buying a mattress. If you are still unsure, you can always rely on customer feedback and reviews before you decide on the best mattress brand. Never compromise on comfort; because at the end of the day, we all deserve a good night’s sleep, and a well-branded mattress is sure to provide you with one.

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