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All you need to know about memory foam mattresses


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Over the years, mattresses have evolved. From firm cotton mattresses to the recent memory foam mattresses, the transformation has been tremendous. No matter the type of mattress, comfort is the key element now. For all, we know that a night of good sleep can lead to a healthy lifestyle and that sound sleep can be provided by a comfortable mattress. Most mattresses these days are manufactured with a component called Memory Foam and that’s what we will be discussing in this article. Memory Foam mattresses and their contribution to a night of better sleep.

Let us understand the term Memory Foam Mattress:

The story behind their invention is interesting. They were actually developed to provide seating comfort for aeroplane seats in NASA Air shuttles during the 1970s. Over time this gained popularity in the mattress industry and the rest is history. Having been made from viscoelastic polyurethane, memory foam mattresses are said to be one of the softest and said to absorb energy. Memory foam, which gets its name from its sluggish recovery after pressure is released, will eventually recall your body form and the best sleeping position; hence the name memory foam mattresses.

Things to consider when buying memory foam mattresses online or offline:

  • Sturdiness: While memory foam may be comfortable for most people, others have complained that it makes them feel stuck or as though they are sinking into their beds.
  • Overheating: Body contouring can restrict ventilation, which leads to heat build-up on the skin and in the mattress.
  • The thickness of the mattresses: It could be more pleasant to have a thicker mattress, especially for couples and pregnant women. But, for people with limited mobility, a thinner mattress can be a better option because they might find it simpler to get in and out of it than a thick mattress.
  • Long-lasting: Memory foam mattresses should typically last between 8 and 10 years.
  • Base: A memory foam mattress will perform better with a platform bed, slat foundation, or adjustable base than a box spring.
  • Allergens: A memory foam mattress’s composition largely prevents bed bugs, dust mites, pollen, and dust from entering.

Memory Foam Mattress Types

Would you believe there are many types of memory foam mattresses? Here are some for your understanding:

  • Copper-Infused: The memory foam market now offers copper-infused foam. This type of mattress claims that adding copper will transfer body heat away from the sleeper and more evenly disperse it throughout the surfaces of the mattresses.
  • Gel Memory Foam Mattresses: The body temperature of a sleeper is controlled by gel memory foam. The gel either forms a layer at the top of the foam or is infused into the foam. When the body temperature dips, heat can be produced to offer warmth or it can be absorbed to help the sleeper maintain the temperature. Stunning, right?
  • Open Cell: Open-cell memory foam is cooler than typical memory foam because it includes microscopic cells that let air pass through them. Another common complaint about memory foam is that it can retain a chemical odor. Plant-based ones frequently has an open-cell structure and contain less VOCs – volatile organic compounds, which can do the same.
  • Traditional: Conventional memory foam is a type of mattress that is superior to other mattress types. It helps in reducing pressure points, conforming to the body, and reducing motion transfer. Also, it is incredibly robust. But there are several drawbacks that some restless sleepers may not enjoy, including a propensity to retain body heat and a delayed responsiveness to movement.

Now that we have seen the variants of memory foam, let us see who benefits from using this mattress. Memory foam mattresses have benefits that make them a wonderful option for all side and back sleepers. The most adaptable sleepers are usually side sleepers, who commonly profit from the memory foam’s capacity to appropriately distribute weight. People sleeping on their tummy could discover that memory foam mattresses may sink, causing their bodies to form an excessive “U” shape. If memory foam appeals to you, search for firmer varieties or blends that provide extra support for those who sleep on their stomach. A memory foam mattress is a must if you share your bed with a spouse or a pet. Its capacity to reduce motion transmission enables you to sleep through the night without being bothered by other people’s movements.

How expensive are they?

When you check online for memory foam mattresses, the density, volume, and type of foam used all affect the price of the mattresses. Foam with a higher density and more layers will cost more. Foams made from plants or with gel in them are the most expensive; synthetic foams are less expensive.

Memory foam mattresses’ drawbacks

  • Foam mattresses often trap heat, and the material bounces back slowly unlike pocket spring mattresses and latex mattresses.
  • Some customers complain that some memory foam mattresses have a chemical odor, however, most of these complaints go away over time.
  • Some customers of memory foam mattresses online complain that some have a “quicksand” or “sinking” feeling as they conform to the body.

The Upside of using memory foam mattresses:

  • Support that is supplied is equal and so is pressure relief, unlike the spring-type of mattresses.
  • For side sleepers and those with back and/or neck issues, memory foam’s molding capabilities help optimal spinal alignment and blood flow.
  • Memory foam’s softness and support provide an extremely cozy sleeping surface.
  • Motion transfer is constrained.
  • Compared to typical innerspring mattresses types, pocket spring mattresses types, memory foam mattresses last longer.
  • In Conclusion

    As mentioned at the beginning of this article, comfort is the key element. We all look to have a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. Keeping all the above in mind, with the right mattresses, we can have the desired sleep that an adult should get and Memory Foam Mattresses are a major contributor to that. Even though there are other mattresses such as latex mattresses and cotton mattresses, nothing comes close to memory foam. Always ensure your requirements and test the mattress out and then decide on buying a memory foam mattress online. Some people claim that using a memory foam mattress is like entering another dimension. Buying a new Wakeup india memory foam mattress online, especially one you’ll use for the next 10 to 15 years, you can never go wrong. So why wait? Get browsing and that perfect sleep you deserve.

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