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Serene Sheesham Wood bed with Box Storage in Maharani Colour

3 Years Warranty | No Cost EMI

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Assembly - DIY

Primary Material - Sheesham Wood

Color - Light Honey

Weight - King :145 KG    

               Queen : 135 KG    

Dimensions : King -88 x 74 x 33 Inch

                     Queen -88 x 62 x 33 Inch

Room Type - Bedroom

Seating Height - 14"

Warranty - 3 Years Warranty

Feature - Without-Storage Bed

Weight And Dimensions

 King - Weight : 145 KG    

Dimensions88 x 74 x 33Inch

Queen - Weight : 135 KG 

Dimensions :88 x 62 x 33 Inch

Shipping And Warranty

Warranty -3 Years Warranty

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Warranty Coverage:

  • Our Solid Wood beds have a 3-year limited warranty specifically for manufacturing-related defects.

Claim Process:

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Timely Reporting:

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We are committed to providing a comprehensive and customer-centric return and warranty policy to guarantee your satisfaction with our products. Please review the following details:

What Is Covered:

Our warranty policy provides coverage for the following:

  • Defects in materials or workmanship that affect the functionality and performance of the mattress.
  • Excessive sagging or indentation beyond the specified limits outlined in the warranty.
  • Defects in the furniture's materials or workmanship that compromise its structural integrity and functionality.
  • Damage or defects that hinder the normal use of the furniture.
  • Manufacturing defects occur within the warranty period.
  • Breakage of glass or stone components during transportation.

What Is Not Covered:

However, please note that our warranty policy does not cover the following:

  • Normal wear and tear, including gradual softening or compression of the mattress over time.
  • Minor scratches, dents, or fading of the furniture's finish resulting from regular use.
  • Personal comfort preferences or changes in firmness perception.
  • Damage caused by improper use, mishandling, negligence, improper assembly, modification, unauthorized repairs, or abusive treatment.
  • Stains, spills, or damage resulting from improper cleaning or maintenance.
  • Breakage of glass or marble parts due to misuse or mishandling.

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Ratings And Reviews

Buy Serene Sheesham Wood  bed with Box Storage in Maharani Colour- Wakeup India 

Revamp your bedroom with the timeless elegance ofSerene Sheesham Wood bed with Box Storage in Maharani Colour. Crafted with premium quality mango and acacia wood, this bed combines durability with rustic charm. Buy Sheesham wood beds online now to elevate your sleeping experience!

Features of  Serene Sheesham Wooden bed

1. Natural Beauty: Mango wood beds are known for their natural beauty and unique grain patterns. The wood often features a warm, golden-brown hue with variations in color and texture, adding character and charm to any bedroom.

2. Durability: Mango wood is a dense and durable hardwood, making it an excellent choice for furniture, including beds. It is known for its strength and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that a mango wood bed will withstand years of use.

3. Sustainability: Mango wood is considered an environmentally friendly choice for furniture due to its sustainable sourcing. Mango trees are fast-growing and are typically harvested for their fruit, with the wood being a byproduct of the agricultural industry. Choosing a mango wood bed supports responsible forestry practices and reduces environmental impact.

4. Versatility: Mango wood beds come in a variety of styles, from rustic to contemporary, making them suitable for a range of interior design themes. Whether you prefer a sleek platform bed or a more traditional sleigh bed, there is a mango wood option to suit your taste.

5. Customization:  Mango wood beds offer customization options in terms of design, finish, and detailing. You can choose from different headboard styles, footboard heights, and finishes to create a bed that complements your bedroom decor and reflects your personal style.

6. Stability:  Mango wood beds are sturdy and stable, providing a reliable foundation for a restful night's sleep. The solid construction of mango wood ensures that the bed frame remains sturdy and secure, even with regular use.

7. Low Maintenance: Mango wood beds require minimal maintenance to keep them looking their best. Regular dusting and occasional polishing are typically all that's needed to maintain the natural beauty of the wood. Mango wood is also resistant to warping and cracking, further reducing maintenance requirements.

8. Timeless Appeal: Mango wood beds have a timeless appeal that transcends trends and fads. Whether you choose a simple, minimalist design or a more ornate style, a mango wood bed adds warmth and elegance to any bedroom and is sure to remain a focal point for years to come.

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Discover the perfect bed for your bedroom aesthetic. Choose between sleek metal frames or the warmth of natural wood to complement your style.

Wide Range of Wood Options: Sheesham, Mango, and Engineered

Customize your bed with your preferred wood type. From classic sheesham to the rich tones of mango and the versatility of engineered wood, find the perfect match for your taste.

Browse Bed Categories: Storage, Non-Storage, Hydraulic

Find the ideal bed design to suit your needs. Whether you require extra storage space, prefer a minimalist design, or seek the convenience of hydraulic functionality, we have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What are the benefits of choosing Sheesham wood for my bed?

A: Sheesham wood offer durability, natural beauty, and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring longevity for your bed frame.

Q: Can I customize the dimensions of my bed?

A: Yes, we offer customization options for bed dimensions to suit your specific requirements. Contact our customer service team for assistance.

Q: Are the storage compartments of the beds spacious?

A: Our beds feature ample storage space, designed to accommodate your belongings without compromising on style or functionality.

Q: Do you offer assembly services for the beds?

A: Yes, we provide professional assembly services for your convenience. Simply select the option during checkout, and our team will handle the setup process for you.

Q: What is the warranty coverage for your bed products?

A: We offer a comprehensive warranty on all our bed products, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction with your purchase. Please refer to our warranty policy for more details.

Experience the ultimate blend of style and functionality with Serene Sheesham Wood bed with Box Storage in Maharani Colour. Shop now and transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort and beauty.

Wakeup India

Serene Sheesham Wood bed with Box Storage in Maharani Colour

From Rs. 68,136.00 Rs. 129,284.00

Assembly - DIY

Primary Material - Sheesham Wood

Color - Light Honey

Weight - King :145 KG    

               Queen : 135 KG    

Dimensions : King -88 x 74 x 33 Inch

                     Queen -88 x 62 x 33 Inch

Room Type - Bedroom

Seating Height - 14"

Warranty - 3 Years Warranty

Feature - Without-Storage Bed


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  • Queen
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