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Which Brand Provides The Best Custom Size Mattress In India?

Which Brand Provides The Best Custom Size Mattress In India?

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Best custom size mattress in India

Searching and selecting the best mattress is a big hustle in itself. It takes to analyze multiple factors to choose the best among the best(s) available. To say precisely, a brand is however good when the quality of its product satisfies the cost of its product and that meeting the customer’s need is a must. 

However, in today’s market, brands are sincerely focusing on making good profits, and eventually, midway they might miss the opportunity to comfort the customer. 

But exceptions always lie ahead of any usuality. 

And so, is the “Wakeup Brand” and its mattresses. The brand’s journey is appreciated by all and has disappointed none of its customers.

Wakeup has introduced customized memory mattresses to satisfy each and every customer. The brand already offers king-size, queen-size, diwan-size, and single mattresses but few customers do not meet the need for standard sizes. To treat their desires well with quality, Custom Spring Mattress is topping the market of online mattress stores.  

What else does Wakeup do to meet customer satisfaction?

  • Mattresses with long-lasting Durability are the first demand of the customer. With this in mind, Wakeup takes assurance of the quality it delivers and offers 10 10-year warranty over its mattresses. 

  • Does a business think much about the customer’s pockets?

Yes, Wakeup does. We offer No-Cost EMI to exempt you from pocket pressure.

You can pay later with installments as your pocket allows.

  • We have even taken care of your health. Henceforth, we use mattresses

preferred by doctors.

  • How does Wakeup try to achieve cost-effectiveness along with excellent quality?

We manufacture the mattresses by our own means which helps us to reduce the cost of middlemen and apparently, relaxes the overall price of the mattress.

Prices for mattresses vary in an affordable range from as low as ₹4,219 to ₹13,885. Also,  EMI costs are as down as ₹357 to ₹1,115 per month.

Wakeup is trusted by many customers and they’re a part of our family now with constant support whenever they need.