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Sheesham Wood Beds – Your Friend or your Foe?

Sheesham wood Beds

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There is something classy about wood that no other kind of furniture can match. Majestic and artsy, wooden furniture gives a royal and classy look that can elevate the room at a glance. The WOW factor is not achieved with any other kind of furniture. Varying from maple, oak, cherry, and mahogany, the latest to join the bandwagon is the Rosewood of India AKA Sheesham Wood. From interior works such as cabinets to wardrobes and tables, Sheesham Wood beds with storage are gaining popularity. Now before we dive deep into the world of Sheesham, let us see what these are. 

Knowing Sheesham Wood

Growing along the Himalayan region, these are wood obtained from trees such as penny leaves, rosewood, Dalbergia Sissoo, etc. They are known for their flexibility. After teak, they are the most sought wood for furniture such as double beds, tables, chairs, etc.

Reasons that Sheesham Wooden Bed is the most preferred choice in beds:


Radiating a bright red colour hue, Sheesham Wood beds with storage or without are sure to enhance the overall look of your room. These woods can carry even the most intricate of designs when carved into them, and with the cultural history, it is no surprise that the headrest of a bed can be carved to ones liking from mandalas to even the most complex wood art. Let us look into the benefits one after another:

Invest in it just once and forget buying for a lifetime

Sheesham Wood Beds with storage have a reputation for being long-lasting and durable. They are resistant to termites and decay such as mould infection. Also known by the name hardwood, they are unbreakable and even shown to have immune to fire, making them the most reliable ones. Hence, by all means, it’s a wooden bed with storage that is a lifetime purchase, that can last generations.

Easy on the pocket

The most expensive wood would be teak, therefore comparatively, Sheesham wood beds even with storage are lighter on the pockets. After longevity, the next quality that people look for in a wooden bed with storage is the cost. Even though one would want to invest for a longer time, that doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive one.

An Array of designs

You would be surprised to see that Sheesham Wood bed designs come in plenty of variants and colours. Known for their flexible quality, they can adapt to frames, machines, bolts, glues, finishing, etc. They are also easy to be engraved upon, as they don’t break into the etches of carpenters and designers. From being minimalistic to having the most delicate of designs, the Sheesham wood bed designs are the most desired ones both by creators and buyers.

Low Maintenance

When we look into furniture that can be kept and used for years, the next worry would be to maintain it. Without proper maintenance, no piece of furniture can last long. The same goes for Sheesham wood beds. Polished wood beds are easy to clean, just wipe the dust off from time to time to make the process easier. If you have beds with complicated carvings, then you may find fine dust settling into them in no time. Remember to use a soft and dry cloth to clean. If you are unsure, then check the cleaning guide given by the company for a better understanding.


Sheesham Wood Beds come in a myriad of purposes. Especially when you go for a wooden bed with storage. Some Sheesham beds come with storage options that are below and some have a storage option on the headrest. You could even have storage on both the headrest and the bed base, The preference is yours and either way, it is convenient and makes it more useful. Store in those extra mattresses or simply hold in a book to read, or place an aromatic potpourri, the ideas are unlimited.

Although the above is the perks of investing in a good Sheesham Wood bed with storage or without, there are some cons to it. Let us briefly take a look at that. The major drawback seen is the fading of polish over a long duration of time. To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is wise to give it a little tint from time to time if you see a dip in the glossiness of the Sheesham Wood bed design. It would be clever not to use a damp cloth. No matter how good a wood is, water is its worst enemy, you do not want moisture trapped in these cots. Cleaning can be tiring if the designs are too complicated. Although complex designs are a feast for the eyes, it’s not that easy for the hands when you have to maintain cleanliness.

There have also been cases of the duplicity of this wood. So, to avoid being cheated, go with a properly certified company that sells authentic wood. And also look for features that distinguish Sheesham wood. Some of these are dark veins, the colour gradients from a deep red to different shades of brown. Wood that has matured over time is said to have a greyish-silver finish. These are some of the ways to check for authenticity.

Final Words

To conclude, always and by all means make a checklist of what your basic ideas are and go by that to avoid confusion. Or the most simple way would be to hire a designer and recreate a design that was appealing to you from the millions of designs thrown at you by the internet. I am sure you would have now got a basic idea of what Sheesham Woods are and why they are the most preferred choice of bed for many. If there is anything we should know, you know what to do. Drop those suggestions right below. Happy Sheesham Shopping.