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What is the Price of a Luxury Mattress in India?

luxury mattress

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The price of a luxury mattress in india doesn’t only depend upon its quality but also upon various other factors. To list some few important ones-

  1. Raw materials
  2. Strict quality procedures 
  3. International manufacturing standards 
  4. Continuous R&D to improve quality of sleep by improving quality of products.

These are just a few facts that play a key role in the total cost price to the seller and hence ultimately increase or decrease the selling price.

Well, you’ll get to see many brands in the market which may sell their couples mattress at a high price but the quality is not relatively high or we can say it’s not worth money.  


A mattress low in price and quality is also a waste of your money. It’s rather better to spend a bit more and get a real luxury mattress price to your home and most importantly to your sleep. 

These were some crucial factors in deciding the price while another factor can be what type of mattress is needed by you?

By saying we mean, you may need a memory foam mattress or a pocket spring/ innerspring mattress, or maybe an orthopaedic mattress or a hybrid mattress.  

You may go through a brief guide on the “different types of mattresses for the best sleep”. 

To compare generally, hybrid mattresses are costly as they are combined with multiple features of dual mattresses and relatively good for anyone who wants it. 

Memory foam mattresses are generally not as costly as Most expensive mattress in India ones, though some brands may differ from this research.

Lastly, Luxury mattress brands in India innerspring mattress somewhere lies in between hybrid and memory foam mattress. 

When a lot of confusion has been induced to your mind by hopping from one store to another in search of a worthy Most expensive mattress in India price luxurious in quality and affordable at cost, we’ll suggest you best luxury mattress in India to shop and bring comfort to your home.  

All the mattresses sold by Wakeup are doctors preferred and with that, the range starts from as low as 5k-6k and goes to 13k-14k.