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Combating Between Latex Vs Memory Foam Pillows? – Here Is All You Need To Know


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A night of good sleep is obtained from the right bedding and pillows. Of this, pillows are an essential part of a sleep posture. I am sure no one would want to wake up with a stiff neck. With the world racing like a mechanical clock, most of us get our needed rest only during our sleep. Even then, with the lack of good sleep postures, we find ourselves waking up with stiff neck and body pain. The solution? It’s very simple, choose the right pillow and mattress brand. Here is our take on 2 most go-to pillows that people rely on these days. Memory Foam Vs Latex Pillow.

Gone are the days when cotton was the fad, after the market was introduced to Memory foam and Latex, these became peoples’ 1st options for the dynamics it came in. Regardless of age, the highlights of these pillows were their ability to adapt to any shape, body, and weight. It’s the chameleon of pillows. Having stated that here is a detailed version of each type of pillow and also a look into latex vs memory foam pillow for better understanding and transparency. Fingers crossed, by the end of this article, you can land on the right choice of pillow; Latex Vs Memory Foam.

Although latex pillows have been manufactured for many decades; memory foam is just seeing the light of day in recent times. Let us 1st look into the latex vs memory foam pillow differences.

Latex Pillows

The next difference in the latex vs memory foam pillow is to know what latex pillows are made of. Obtained from the milk sack of rubber trees, latex pillows come in 3 different forms synthetic, blended, and natural. Well, of the 3 we know that need to be avoided, synthetic and blended are not as good as natural ones. Tiny air bubbles are incorporated with the latex to make these pillows. This air bubble is the reason why latex pillows are softer and breathable and is the major differentiator in latex vs memory foam pillow. These are the best pillows if you are a person sleeping either on your back or side.

When it comes to Latex Vs Memory Foam pillow, the superior option by professionals should you suffer from ortho problems is the former one. They are said to align your spine more accurately while using them than Memory foam.

Pros of Latex Pillows

These are considered to be high in durability. Enables proper air circulation and is deemed hypoallergenic. Probably why it is safe for babies. They are very supple compared to best memory foam neck pillows and are easy to maintain. They are an excellent choice for pain relief as they are soft and accommodate your neck, even if you move around during your sleep. Similar to memory foam, these pillows need to be fluffed to retain their shape and is one of the best pillows for neck pain.

Memory Foam

Made from viscoelastic polyurethane, memory foam is an innovation that is gaining popularity in recent times.  The highlight of these pillows in the latex vs memory foam pillow is that, although they seem hard, they soften when the pillow is exposed to body heat. Probably why many consider memory foam the best among neck pillows. These pillows also adjust to accommodate the shape of your neck, making them the best pillow for neck pain. Most travelers are also relying on best memory foam neck pillows for a smooth sleep during their long journey.

Is it said that comparing Latex Vs Memory Foam pillows, the latter was originally designed for NASA for astronauts to have a softer seating pad. However, they didn’t make it to outer space but gained huge popularity on earth. Since they are known to soften on body heat, they were then introduced to hospitals to their wheelchair and post-surgery beds giving the comfort a person requires and is among the best pillows for neck pain.

Now that we have seen the definition of each pillow, let us look into the Pros and Cons of Latex Vs Memory Foam Pillows:

Pros of Memory Foam Pillows

They are known to distribute body weight evenly and are the best pillows for neck pain. Takes the shape of your head and neck and is soft once your body heats the pillow. They are affordable and are pocket-friendly.

Cons of Memory Foam Pillows

Since they tend to get soft with our body heat, this heat is trapped and thus results in poor air circulation and leaves you with a sweaty neck. With this in mind when it comes to latex vs memory foam pillow, they are not the best choice for babies. Trapping body heat is harmful over time; even though you take all measures to maintain them. When used for a longer period, it tends to leave an imprint on your neck and head leaving it looking clumsy.  The imprint may not fade even if you fluff them on a daily basis.

The only con of latex pillows in the latex vs memory foam pillow consideration is that they are more expensive than best Memory foam Neck Pillows.


Apart from being one of the best pillows for neck pain, preserving the pillows are not a major task. You can change the covers from time to time and do a deep cleaning by simply sprinkling baking soda and cleaning them after a good 30 min sitting window. Using a vacuum cleaner is the best way to clean them. Follow these steps for the Memory Foam and Latex to last long.

Examining the above, here is an overview of Latex Vs Memory Foam Pillows.

The best Memory foam neck pillows are more chemically manufactured than Latex pillows. This is why naturally made latex pillows are hypoallergenic and more environmentally responsible. Unlike Latex pillows, memory foam pillows are suitable for people who desire firm pillows. Everything boils down to a person’s sleeping comfort and experience.

Although both pillows have a reputation to support your head and neck, it is always advised to go for a medium-firm pillow; and to no one’s surprise, latex pillows come in three surface options, solid, shredded, and contour options. Whereas best memory foam neck pillows have a larger density option than Latex Pillows.

So, do we have a keeper between Latex Vs Memory Foam Pillows? Keeping the expenses aside, by all means, latex pillows have more pros than cons in comparison to memory foam pillows. Ensure you go for natural latex and not synthetic or blended one. If you are still unsure, you can do a good background work online between Latex Vs Memory Foam pillows. Be it durability or even upkeeping the pillows, hands down, latex takes the lead. They come in various shapes, and sizes and some are even seen coupled with gel pads for a cooler effect.

In conclusion Latex Vs Memory Foam Pillow?

We trust that the above can give you a brief insight into the differences and similarities between Latex Vs Memory Foam. It can be very confusing to know what your preferences are. Landing on the right one can be tricky, the best way would be to visit a store and try them, now that you are aware of what these pillows comprise. The ultimate goal of either a Latex Vs Memory Foam is to give the sleeper a sound and undisturbed sleep. So, trust your instincts and select one that can match all your needs. Let us know what would be your go-to checklist when choosing a pillow for yourself. Leave us your comments so we can compare and see what we have missed out on. Or simply make it easy for us and tell us what made you land on the right one.

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