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Best Mattress for Couples in India


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The Best Mattress for Couples in India is the most important factor when it comes to couples sharing the bed. Let’s just begin the discussion with two important questions.

  1. What size of mattress is suitable for couples sharing the bed?

It depends upon two factors-

  • If the couple loves snuggling all over the night or sleeping close for the whole night, then they might go with a queen-size mattress rather than a king size. It gives them enough space to take a turn aside individually or cuddle together all night. 
  • If the couple snuggles for a short period. However, even if the couple snuggles a lot then also they need space sometimes. In that case, a king-size best mattress for couples in india is best of all. As the couple gets enough space from the other significant incase of need. 

But is the choice all about the sleeping preference of couples? Of course, a big NO. 

Weather plays a vital role in the end. 

If it’s humid outside, the couple would love to sleep on a spacious mattress and might prefer a king size mattress. However, in case a couple wants a custom-size mattress then they must visit Wakeup. 

Apart from this, if it’s a cosy winter season, they’ll probably prefer a medium-size mattress. However, it is not possible to change your mattress every other season. So, yes it’s a great option to prefer a customised mattress as per your bed which is suitable for all seasons. 

Also, a king-size mattress gains more votes when it comes to giving proportionate sleep to tall couples in all positions. Henceforth, choose the size wisely. 

  1. What firmness of the mattress is required by a couple and why?

Choosing a mattress with the rightly required firm is not an easy cup of tea. There are multiple choices available in the market such as memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, pocket-spring mattress, latex, poly-foam, and much more for various levels of firmness. But you might have come across a “memory-foam mattress” when it comes to being a great choice for couples

Do you want to know why?

The reason being for the same is that the memory foam mattress retains heat from the body and gives a cooling effect on the outer surface on which the couple is resting. When sleeping on a mattress, the couple wants a cooling effect of the Best Mattress for Couples in India to avoid the stickiness caused due to excessive heat of the environment and enjoy completely a restful sleep. On the contrary, spring mattresses and hybrid mattresses individually cause more heat to the sleep surface. 

But we can’t deny the fact a combination of memory foam, pocket-spring and hybrid is a good choice overall and if you’re looking out for a combo like this then you must trust Wakeup’s mattress as it relieves your pressure point, is bouncy enough and gives you a cooling effect. 

When we search for choosing the right mattress, we never can neglect the durability of the mattress. 

However, the durability depends completely on the brand, the quality it delivers and how you are taking care of the mattress. In that case, a memory foam mattress is more durable but in case you want a bouncy firm with pressure relieving tricks then you must prefer the great combo of memory foam, pocket-spring, and hybrid mattress by wakeup.