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How to measure your bed for new mattress?

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Finding the right mattress for yourself is extremely important as a right bed mattress size helps in providing proper sleep and posture. When alter comes in consideration of American bed sizes, there are three main mattress sizes: just alike, grand duchess and king. Ego may exist unexplored to find a full sized, or double, sized mattress, but they are slightly harder to find. The quandary, however, is that not all mattresses set right a minor detail panel bed, which is puzzlement you may see some negative mattress reviews having as far as up and do with mismatched riverway and mattress combinations. So, when looking vice a mattress – make sure that it fits your particularized bed pack the deal and you shouldn’t victimize any issues.

Sleeping on a mattress that is uncomfortable might result in backache or body ache. All these conditions ultimately are bad for your health and work. As a matter of fact the requirement of different mattress dimensions depends and varies differently from person to person. The requirement of bed mattress for adults is different and for youngsters and kids is entirely different.

There are variety of bed and bedding’s available in the market. The measurements of all the type of mattress differ from each other. In India, there is no particular size/dimensions defined for king/queen mattresses. However, the standard measurements for king size bed ranges between 76 inches to 80 inches as compared to that of queen size bed which is generally 60 inches to 80 inches. Once you have decided to buy a mattress you must fulfill some guidelines lest you pick the wrong mattress for you. The below-mentioned bed mattress size chart and dimension will help you to decide which standard mattress size will be best for you.

 It is the best option for them who like to spread out as the standard measurements of king size bed lies between 78 inches length and 72 inches width. King size bed is the perfect option for those people who let their pets sleep with them or let their kids sleep. It provides proper space and comfortable area. One drawback of this bed is that it requires a big room to fit in. People who opt for king size mattresses can however order twin XL mattress as they fit perfectly in the king size bed.

Apart from offering standard mattress sizes for masses as detailed above, Fresh Up also manufactures customized mattress for the people having not-so-common beds. The best thing about Fresh Up is its customer support which helps the customers starting from taking the size of your custom bed to after delivery of your customized mattress. Fresh Up provides customized sizes ortho mattress , Spring Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress and many other different types of mattresses. Moreover, the customized mattresses are manufactured and delivered to the customers at an unbelievable pace.

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